Mission + Our programs

We serve Black trans students wherever they are.

The Frances Thompson Education Foundation alleviates the financial burden on Black trans students. It empowers Black trans youth to continue their education and leadership development skills through scholarship, peer support, and helping foster healthy and sustainable practices that allow them to be successful students. The organization's leadership comprises two Black trans women from Selma, Alabama, and San Francisco, California.

We serve Black trans students wherever they are.We emphasize supporting students from the southern U.S. each application cycle, but the process is open to Black trans students across the country. Our students are not just facing the immense financial burden of attending post-secondary education; all students are facing it right now. They also face violent institutional transphobia, job discrimination, and housing insecurity. The direct services we provide them through, peer support, medical transition support, housing support and the technical assistance we provide such as career readiness and postgraduate transitionary support our students are shielded from some of these institutional harms and receive support navigating the ones we can’t shield them from. Without our services, many of our students would have had to choose between survival and continuing their studies. Our organization is fighting to eliminate that from being a choice that Black trans youth have to make.